Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inspiring Love Stories

When my muse needs a kick, I watch a romantic movie or listen to a love song. Sometimes all it takes for me to get inspired to write is to hear a few notes of a great song, or see a scene of my favorite fictional couples falling in love.

What do you do to kick start your muse?


  1. I am kind of the same way as you are. Songs can inspire me. "Looking our for a hero" by Bonnie Tyler is a great song to listen to if I want my hero to race and save the damsel in distress. Once in a while though, when I need my hero or heroine to do or say something, I pay attention to my husband or watch couples around me. People watching is a great way to get my muse going in the right direction!

  2. People watching is a great idea, Sarah. And that Bonnie Tyler song is a classic. :)