Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Hi and welcome to my blog!  My name is Jena Lang and I write historical romance.  Up until now I've been reluctant to jump on the blogging bandwagon for lack of time.  I couldn't think how to carve out the some 20 odd minutes I'd need to write a post that would interest anyone but my mother.  And then, quite unexpectedly, my life took a drastic turn.  As a result, I have lots of free time on my hands.

I bet you're wondering what happened.  I wish I could say I won the lottery, quit my day job, and am now able to do whatever I please.  But that would be a big, fat lie.  Sort of.  I can do as I wish Monday-Friday, only I didn't hit it rich.  The truth is, I was laid off from the job I've had for the last six years.  :sniff sniff:  Really, I'm okay.  It was a sad day but not nearly as tragic as it sounds.  I knew the axe was going to fall and strike me sooner or later.  So here I am, looking for employment and re-analyzing my weekly writing goals.

At my former job I was on the computer for almost the entire day.  After 7-8 hours of typing, I was in no mood to jump on the laptop and write when I got home.  That is, until I took an online class from Laurie Schnebly called New Year, New You and learned ways to push through my computer burnout.  Since then I've made progress on my WIP and joined Twitter and Facebook (click on Contact tab for links).  Now I'm blogging so that I can share my writing journey with you, my writer friends, and anyone else who cares to read about my life as an aspiring romance writer.

Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions about me or my writing.  And check back soon for more, including a look at my favorite opening hooks and history's best fashion trends.


  1. Sorry to hear about your job :(

    But you're right in that you can now write more! Try to enjoy the time and write as much as you can!

  2. Welcome to the blogsphere, Jena!

    I'm not sure whether to be sorry for you lay-off or thrilled that you get to write more.

    Best wishes!

  3. Welcome, Jena. I'm very sorry to hear about your job. I hope that in this time, though, you can find fulfillment. It's great to have you on the blogosphere! :-)

  4. Thanks Lori, Renee and Rebecca!

    I'm trying to keep a positive outlook and focus on my true passion, which is writing romance. I think this is the perfect opportunity to help me learn how to write with a daily word count goal in mind.

  5. Hi Jena: We have a saying in our church, "If St. Peter closes the door, the Blessed Mother will throw open a window." Basically, it's a silverlining thing. Sorry about your job, but jealous of your writing time. Always remember, even if you don't write words, you can still do something creative every day. Enjoy your blog. I'll get you linked into mine.

  6. Wow, I'm impressed with your blog. Life's twists and turns are seldom nice, but when you look back there's a pattern. Soon we may be welcoming you to the ranks! You know. No sleep, can't find your coffee pot in the morning, too bleary to see the monitor so you can email to sympathetic friends. It's the writer's life for you, my girl! (Evil laughter.)

  7. Fabulous!!!! I am your biggest fan!!

  8. Jena~
    Very sorry about the job loss, b/c assume things get tough now. On the flipside...can't you see yourself saying "I remember that day, when I thought things were falling apart, but it gave me the opportunity & energy to write more, and wow, look at me now!" :-)

    Best on all the writing to come.

    (P.S. Isn't Laurie Schnebly great?)

  9. I've been through that twice myself - sounds like you're already taking advantage of the "time off" from working. Go girl!!

  10. Mary, those are wonderful words to live by. I like the idea of doing something creative every day, even if it's not putting words on the page. I'll be sure to remember that when I'm back to work and crazy busy. Thanks for the great advice and for linking my blog to yours.

    LOL, Miriam! I'm so ready to join the ranks, you don't even know...even though the idea of a contracted deadline scares me silly.

    Thanks, Sal!!! You're the best!

    Wise words, Kris. Thanks for your well wishes. :)

    Wendy, I'm sorry you've been through this twice. It's so not fun. But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, as the old saying goes.

  11. You shouldn't have said you're not working, Jena. We'll be expecting regular blogs from you now! You've set up a lovely venue here, one I hope to visit often. I'll add Passionate Scribbles to my blog list next time I update. Here's wishing you the perfect balance between writing and real life laundry etc. Be warned: the writing creeps in and takes over - not a bad thing!

  12. Great post! Welcome to the "blogosphere"...

  13. Cute blog! Sorry about the job, but I'm glad you'e looking at it in a positive way.

  14. Love your new blog!
    Love you.....Mom

  15. you are my favorite author !!