Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Thanks, everyone, for all of your comments on how to create a great heroine. I’ve taken all the advice I received to heart and feel like I’m on the right to creating a more dynamic, likable heroine. I took a break from this particular WIP last week while I contemplated how to fix things, and here’s what I discovered:

First, I thought long and hard about my heroine's archetype and how best to increase the conflict between her and the hero. I realized I should do what Sarah suggested and give my heroine a part of me. I’m shy yet not afraid to speak my mind when I get riled up. And that’s exactly how I want my heroine to be when she comes face-to-face with her hero.

Second, I decided to change the heroine's name in order to change her in my mind.  When Nicole and Rebecca suggested the idea, I confess I thought it odd. Yet the moment I made the choice to change my heroine’s name, it began to change her personality in my head.

The next time I sit down to work on this WIP, I’m going to do what Keena did and go deep into my heroine’s POV during the early scenes. I think that will effectively show readers that my heroine’s words don’t match her thoughts.

Thanks again to all who posted last week, especially Nicole, Rebecca, Sarah and Keena. Your comments were very helpful! :big hug:


Right now, I’m taking an online course to learn how to create a logline, which is a one sentence story summary. Sounds easy enough, right? That’s what I thought. Little did I know...

Ever have someone ask you what your story is about, and you babble on incoherently?  I've been there and done that! :blushes: 

Conveying the concept of my story into 25 words or less was a lot more difficult than I ever imagined. But I did it! After a full hour of revisions, I managed to write several concise loglines, all of them under 25 words. And then I did a happy dance.  :still smiling:


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