Friday, July 8, 2011

Back to Blogging

Hello, my friends!  I'm back!!!  It's been a loooong time since my last blog post, don't ya think?  Wow.  Where did the time go?  It sure is nice to be back here at the ol' blog sharing with you.  I bet you're wondering what I've been up to these past 7 months.  Well, let me catch you up on the aspects of my life.  Be warned: the first half of the year has been fairly uneventful, though not unproductive.  Nevertheless, here are all the nitty, gritty details:

I'm still a desperate job seeker waiting for the call that's going to put me back in the rat race.  I'm sure the planets will align in my favor sometime in the near future and I'll snag the perfect job.  Meanwhile, I'm happy to play homemaker.  My dogs love it.  In fact, I'm sure they'd like for me to never leave the house again.  They are getting quite spoiled having me at their beck and call 24-7.

My faithful writing companions, Ripley & Sawyer

I haven't been on a vacation in months, unless you count my trip down to the Oregon coast in June to attend my oldest nephew's high school graduation.  The hubby, dogs, and I had a great time hanging with my family for 4 days.  However we would have liked more beach time.  Maybe next visit...

My TBR pile is slowly shrinking, thank goodness.  Still, there are a lot of great romance novels I can't wait to read.  In an upcoming post I'll share which books I've read this year.  Stay tuned!

So far I've taken 9 online writing workshops, all sponsored by various RWA chapters.  I love taking writing classes.  They are such a great way to hone my craft and learn something new.  Here's a list of the classes I've taken along with the instructor's name:

Snakebite Scenes - Carrie Lofty
Developing Historical Character Sketches - Kimberly Killion
Writing Fight Scenes - Rayne Hall
Blurbs - Paty Jager
Pitch Like a Pro - Kerri Nelson
History of Underwear - Eliza Knight
Crafting the Sensual Novella - Eliza Knight
Alphas: Leaders of the Pack - Robin Mathison
Horses Through the Ages - Stephanie Rankin

I revamped my website - nothing major, just a few minor tweeks.  Click here to check it out. The website suits for now.  When I'm published I intend to have Kimberly Killion of HOT DAMN Designs create a new website for me.  Kim's work is fantabulous! 

I've written quite a lot since my last post.  It may be a few more months yet (okay, more like the end of the year) before I have a completed draft of my medieval WIP, Her Heart's Desire.  No biggie.  I'm halfway to the end and very pleased with where the story is going.  The heroine I once wanted to strangle is now a favorite character of mine, which certainly makes her story easier to write.

My other medieval WIP, A Warrior's Crusade, placed 5th in the Hook, Line and Sinker 2011 contest sponsored by the Hudson Valley Chapter of RWA.  The award is special to me because it's the first time my WIP finaled in a contest.  To know someone liked something I worked so hard on means a lot.  It pushes me to keep writing on the days when my muse deserts me.  I'm not as far along on this WIP as I'd like to be.  However I'm not stressed about the word count right now.  Still, I'd like to work on the story more than I have been.  I think it's time to set up a strict "write this WIP on this day" schedule, just so I can make some progress.  But more on that at a later date.

I put my paranormal Georgian romance on hold for the time being.  To date I've only written the prologue and done some minor plotting on the 5 book series.  The story is there in the back of my brain, but it's got to wait.  I'm not ready to tackle it just yet because it involves a lot of world building and research.  Besides, my medieval WIPS are more important to me at this stage.

A few months ago I started writing a Scottish novella with paranormal elements.  It's not as easy to write short as I imagined.  I took an online workshop on crafting a novella from Eliza Knight and learned loads of good information, which helped me to realize I was starting my novella in the wrong spot.  Currently, I'm reworking the opening.  My goal is to have the first draft done by summer's end.

Well, there you have it.  I'm excited to get back into blogging action after a much needed hiatus.  Bear with me as I delve back into the groove of blogging.  I think I've found the balance I need to keep writing and blogging simultaneously.  Writing a book takes a lot of focus and patience, two things that can often be hard to come by in life.  I'm determined to stay focused on my career goals in 2011 and beyond.  And that means that I will blog only when time allows.  However I promise to blog at least a few times a month, if not once a week.

Until next time...


  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging. You're writing and that's the main thing. The more you write the better you get...or so I tell myself as I tap away on the keys, as if I know what I'm doing.

  2. Welcome back. I took the Alpha's class too and loved it.
    You're a busy girl. Glad you've been writing.
    Never stop.

  3. Thanks Vonnie and Sandy. It's nice to be back.

  4. Welcome back, Jena! Looks like you've gotten a lot done on the writing front!!

  5. Ahh! I totally missed seeing this post! Im glad you're back! I miss hearing about what you're up to =)

    I checked out your website and both of your medievals sound very interesting--definitely books I'd buy! Keep up the wonderful work!