Monday, August 29, 2011

Common Scents

At the turn of the century, "nice" girls didn't wear perfume.  The most it was proper to do was splash on a little Eau de Cologne; anything else was considered fast. 

Paul Poiret was the first clothing designer to create perfumes, and he worked with chemists to concoct mysterious, Oriental scents.

Before Poiret, cologne was likely to smell like lavender or rose.  But he created the POIRET WOMAN with Le Fruit Defendu, Nuit de Chine, L'Etrange Fleur, and Borgia. 

Instead of sweet, lady-like scents, the Poiret woman was a vamp, a seductress.

For a more natural allure, this was the era of the corsage.  

Not only did the lovely corsage a deb received from her beau spruce up her dress, its flowery aroma hid a multitude of scents. 

Alas, when the first commercial deodorant, Obdo-ro-no, went on the market in 1920, the sale of corsages declined.


  1. Huh, that was really interesting! Thanks for sharing =)