Friday, September 16, 2011

Five Friday Favorites

I saw a fun post by Kati over at Romancing Rakes called 5 Friday Favorites, a meme to spotlight 5 things you really, really, really like for the week.  It can be a movie or a song, a drink, a new piece of man candy, a new friend or even a new blog site.  Here’s what I’m loving this week:

Return to Mystic Falls.   After a long vampire-free summer, The Vampire Diaries to back! Honestly, I don’t know how I survived the summer without Elena, Damon, and Stefan.  The season 3 opener picked up right where we left off with a birthday party, a plan to create an army of werevamp hybrids, Jeremy and Matt’s pot-based friendship, some hot Tyler-Caroline action, an evil Stefan munching on peeps right and left, and naked Damon.   

 That’s a pretty great start to what looks like a bloody and death-filled season.

The Halving of Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Eight long years after Buffy last slayed a vamp, Sarah Michelle Gellar has returned to the airwaves in the CW’s Ringer, a soap opera noir all about duality.   

I’m not sure the show has the potential to be a mega hit – though I read that the network had its best ratings in two years for the time slot, making Gellar’s comeback a safe bet.  Whatever.  It’s good to see Sarah Michelle back on TV.    

Goodness in Every Bite.  It’s hard to say what the allure behind cupcakes is.  Is it their miniature size that makes me love them so?  Whatever the attraction, I’m a fan.  I’d eat a plate every day if the sweet trendy treats weren’t loaded with so many darn calories.  Still, on occasion I indulge my sweet tooth – which is exactly what I did yesterday when my husband surprised me with a Red Velvet cupcake from our favorite bakery.

Toasty Warm Toes.  I like wearing fuzzy socks in autumn and winter. They keep my feet so warm and cozy.  I have dozens of pairs in all sorts of colors.  I’m wearing my lime green pair right now.

Not me, though the socks in this photo look just like mine.

Teens in the Tudor Court.  I’m halfway through The Other Countess, book 1 of the Lacey Chronicles by Eve Edwards.  The book tells the story of a group of young nobles in Elizabethan England.   So far it’s pretty satisfying.  

What are you loving this week?  What made your top 5?  A new book?  Author? Place?  Movie?  Song? Remember: sharing is caring.


  1. I love your list!! Hmm, my top 5... Well, Vampire Diaries would be on there too, same with fuzzy socks--I've pulled mine out and started wearing them again. I also love my Skittles chapstick--yumyum. Since school started, Ive also remembered my love of Jugo Juice's Southwestern Chicken Wraps with a Watermellon Smoothie *drools*. Im also loving the new Adele CD I got the other week =)

  2. Skittles chapstick?! Oh, boy I'm going to have to get me some of that! A chicken wrap and watermelon smoothie sounds de-lish. Okay, now I"m hungry. :D Adele is the best. I love her voice.

  3. Yes!! You can get them at Wal-Mart in a package of 6 or so. I dont like one or two of them, but the rest are wonderful. Haha sorry for making you hungry. The wraps are so good. Expensive, but good, lol. Yeah, I love Adele. She's so talented.