Sunday, January 15, 2012

Motor Trends

With the invention of the automobile there came a new line of clothes for the well-wheeled traveler.  Women wore huge linen coats over dresses, hates tied down with voluminous scarves, and dustproof veils - all to withstand the damage done by a trip in the newfangled Model-T, which barreled along at fifteen miles per hour.

 Motoring Duster circa 1910

Because the new automobiles were frequently unreliable, women took to wearing high-buttoned boots - just in case they got stuck in a muddy road, or ended up walking home.

Edwardian High-Buttoned Boots

The hardest concession a woman had to make for motoring, however, was the need for goggles - necessary for both comfort and preserving the eyesight. 

"Those who fear any detriment to their good looks," noted a fashion writer of the time, "must content themselves to a quiet drive in the park."

 Motoring Wrap circa 1907

Women also took to wearing a flat tweed cap, unbecoming though it was, when they weren't out for a drive - a symbol that they belonged to the new motoring class.


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