Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Great Purge

There's no such thing as too many books. I tell myself this whenever I glance at the ever-growing pile of romance novels crammed on my bookshelves. For a long time my big TBR gave me great joy.  I liked knowing I always had a lot of books to choose from, all within easy reach.  But the guilt over my leaning tower of must-reads began to make me feel tense. 

Most of these novels have been in my pile for half a year.  I realized this week that it's finally time for some books to be purged.  So instead of rearranging and re-stacking my books for the umpteenth time, I decided to take stock of them and get rid of the ones I'll never touch.

Yes, I know, it's a sad thing to even contemplate getting rid of unread books.  But it must be done.  Somewhere along the way my TBR pile has developed a mind of its own and has overtaken my spare room.  I can't possibly read all of the books I've won or bought in the last six months.  It's time to let them go.  And set a few book buying ground rules. 

From now on I plan to read reviews for new authors before I decide to buy their books.  I also won't buy the second novel in a series until I've read book one.  That is, unless the book is part of a must-read series from a favorite author, such as Monica McCarty, Tessa Dare and Lara Adrian.

These rules are fairly simply and should be easy to follow.  I hope.  *crosses fingers*  

Do you ever feel guilty about your TBR pile?  How do you handle it?  Do you turn a blind eye and continue to add to the pile or do you purge your unread books?  Have you enacted any book buying rules?


  1. I have a large TBR pile too. However, between my mum and I we always read a bit of the book before we decide to get rid of it. Sometimes I make it to page 5 before I roll my eyes and give up, or I'll make it to page 50. It really depends on the book and my mood, lol. I think purging is a natural--and healthy--thing to do, even with books. I know many people disagree with the practice, but we bring them to used bookstores. If we do try a new author, it's generally with a used book first, so if we dont like them, we didn't spend 12 dollars on a paperback (yes, they are that expensive up here lol).

  2. Natalie - $12 a paperback?!?! Yikes!

    I just went through a can't-make-it-past-page-5 phase,hence the purge. It made my realize I need to be more selective when it comes to purchasing new books. I always take my books to the used bookstore. I like your idea about getting a new author's book there. Thanks for the tip!