Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday: My Fair Concubine

If you're looking for an unforgettable love story set in a unique time period, read a book by Jeannie Lin.  Her romance novels are fabulous! 

Author: Jeannie Lin
Genre: Historical Romance
Expected Release Date: June 2012
During the Tang Dynasty, the imperial court used a practice called hegin, or peace marriage, to form alliances with their barbarian neighbors.  The alliance brides were officially recognized as Tang princesses, however often it was the Emperor's niece, palace concubines, or daughters of high-ranking officials who were sent to the frontier instead of a true princess with royal blood.
Chang Fei Long has been called back home upon the death of his father to learn that the family is swimming in debt.  Before his death, his father arranged for Fei Long's sister to become an alliance bride to regain favor with the imperial court.  When Pearl begs for mercy, he can't bring himself to  force her marriage and exile to a barbarian land.  As a result, he has to come up with another false princess to go in her place.
Yan Ling is a servant at the tea house where Fei Long goes to brood about his troubles.  When she mistakes his musings as a proposition for sex, she dumps a pot of tea on him and gets thrown out into the streets.  Now homeless and destitute, Yan Ling begrudgingly accepts Fei Long's offer to train her as a replacement princess.

This lighter look into Tang Dynasty culture takes place in the capital city of Changan, going from courtyard mansions to the infamous entertainment district to the seedier parts of the city.  In an homage to the classic story of My Fair Lady, Fei Long and Yan Ling are joined by a clever maid and a flamboyant actor as they work to fool imperial rivals and navigate the complicated landscape of their growing attraction.

~ unofficial blurb courtesy of Jeannie Lin's website.


  1. ooooh!!! LOVE it!! i've been wanting to read her previous book since it was released. thanks for sharing this!

  2. Carrie - Jeannie Lin is a definite must read, IMO. Her settings and characters are so enchanting.