Thursday, August 23, 2012


Like everything in the Middle Ages, there was a hierarchy to the hides people wore.  
Fourteenth-century peasants caught beavers, sheep, badgers, cats, and goats.

 Game of Thrones, HBO

 Game of Thrones, HBO

Nobles demanded rarer ermines and sables.  Kings and emperors opted for vair, the designer fur of the day - a classy combination of gray and white squirrels.

 Game of Thrones, HBO

If you were Henry I, in the 1100's, you'd like sable in your mantle.


If you were King Edward III, you would spend 24.2% of your 1342 budget on furs.

You would also like black-tipped ermine so much that you'd restrict it to your personal use. 
Thereafter, ermine will be thought of as a symbol of royalty.

~ Source: Let There Be Clothes by Lynn Schnurnberger


  1. i'm not a fan of fur, but spending 25% of your budget on it, wow!! how could that have ever been a smart idea?