Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Wrap-Up

It's that time again...the end of another month. Good-bye April, Hello May! 

This month went by so fast. It feels like it was April Fool's Day only last week. Oh well. I'm ready to bid April farewell. I've got nothing against the month. I'm just not a fan of Seattle in springtime, when the weather feels like late November. I'm not a little happy that summer is one month months away. Here's what kept me busy in April...


~ I have a critique partner!!! Natalie Murphy is my dear friend and Celtic Hearts chapter mate. I adore and respect her immensely, so I'm super excited that we're now CPs. She also writes Medieval romance, which makes us a great match. And I love her writing and critiquing style. Her excellent critiques have already been a great help. =) 

~ There were a few minor changes required for my prologue, but I have some work to do on my first chapter. Less talking, more action! That's my new motto. I'll be putting it into practice this week as I work on revisions.

~ I set aside my Highlander novella for a week in April to revise a few chapters on my Medieval WIP, Her Heart's Desire. It had been a month since I'd last opened it up. The characters wouldn't let me alone, so I had to revisit them. HHD is truly the book of my heart. The story is near and dear to me. I adore the hero and heroine. I want to give them their HEA (happily ever after) soon. Perhaps later this year.  *knocks on wood*

~ I would really like to become proficient at working on multiple projects at one time. Maybe someday. *crosses fingers*  

~ I added info about my Highlander novella, Wild Highland Bride, to my WIPs page. Check out the WIPs tab at the top of this page.      


~ I read 4 books this month.  

~ I spent one fun weekend with my toddler goddaughter. She wanted me to do everything: read her a book, feed her, bathe her, dress her, sit by her, hold her hand when we went for a walk, etc. Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma just wouldn't do – it was me or no one. I felt like the belle of the ball. 

~ That same weekend my BFF treated her daughter and me to a mani and pedi. Then she took us to See's Candies and out to dinner. Needless to say, she is an awesome friend. =)

~ As I mentioned at the start of this post, blue skies are hard to come by in Seattle this time of year. Not a big surprise considering Seattle ranks as the cloudiest major city in the U.S., right behind
Forks—home to sparkly vampires. ;)  Amazingly, we had a streak of sunny days just last week. It was pure bliss. Even my Doxies loved the sunshine.  

 Ripley and Sawyer
How was your month? Did you do anything fun? Did you bask in the sunshine? Did you read many books or meet your writing goals? Do share!


  1. YAY!!! I'm so excited to be your CP =) I think we're a really good match. Why oh why didn't we do this earlier? ;)

    Sounds like you've had a busy but productive month!! Here's to another (and warmer, sunnier days!)

    1. Nat - Better late than never!!!

      I have revisions galore planned for May, thanks to your helpful critiques. ;)

      Sun and blue skies are in my future this week. Yay!