Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fun Fact Saturday: Tudor Words Glossary (M-Q)

Methinks something on The Tudors is amiss!
Surely when they speak of "codpiece", 
They speaketh not of fish!
I'm sorely troubled by the words they speak,
And have trouble figuring it out each week!


Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn, The Tudors (2007-2010)

Maidenhead - virginity.

Mayhap - maybe, perhaps

Mead - an alcoholic drink made from fermented honey.

Methinks - another way to say "I think".

Mummery - a performance of Mummers (masked or costumed merrymakers/actors).

New Learning - Humanism; the study of the ancient writers on every aspect of life spread throughout Europe by the invention of the printing press making such studies available to more of the population. Both Queen Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn were patrons of the New Learning.

Oratory - chapel.

 The Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace
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Papal Bull - a decree from the Pope.

Paramour - mistress, concubine.

Partlet - a high necked chemise.

Privy Chamber - a private apartment.

The King's Privy Chamber, Hampton Court Palace
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Physick - a medicine, especially a purgative.

Plight - pledge of promise.

Poke - bag, sack ("a pig in a poke").

Poppet - a little doll; this is also where we get the word "puppet".

Potage - soup.

Praemunire - In England a charge of appealing to a foreign power, e.g. the Pope for matters in England that were under the king's jurisdiction. Henry used the charge and the threat of this charge to abrogate the English clergy's loyalty to the Pope after he asserted his supremacy over the Church of England.

Precontract - a previous contract, especially one which bars the making of another, as, formerly, a betrothal, which in the Tudor era was as binding as marriage.

Privy - in private, discreet, secretive.

Quit - free.

Quoth - said.

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  1. Did you come up with that little poem?! It's quite clever!! =)