Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fun Fact Saturday: Tudor Words Glossary (U-Z)

Saturdays are for random fun facts. 
Here's the final installment of 16th century words and terms:


Usury - Money lending with exorbitant, often illegally high rates of interest tacked on.

Varlet - servant or attendant to a knight (related to the word "vassal"). Meant rascal or rogue by 1550.

Vassal - a young man-servant, or squire, from 1300's sense of "a tenant who swears fealty to a lord.

Wardship - care and protection of a ward; the right to the custody of an infant heir or a feudal tenant and of the heir's property. Wardships were valuable prizes bestowed by the king, upon deserving courtiers, e.g. Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, the boon companion of Henry VIII was granted the wardship of Catherine Willoughby, the daughter of Katharine of Aragon's Spanish lady in waiting, Maria de Salinas. Suffolk married Catherine Willoughby after the death of his wife, Mary, sister of Henry VIII. Margaret Giggs Clement was the ward of Thomas More who raised her with his children.

 Rebekah Wainright as Catherine Willoughby and Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon,
The Tudors (2007-2010)

Wench - girl or maid, female servant.

Whelp - dog or a pup.

Yeoman - free born servant.

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