Friday, July 12, 2013

My Friday Love (9)

Happy Friday!


My Friday Love is a weekly meme, which spotlights the things you loved during the past week.

Deep Blue Sea. There are certain movies that my hubby and I watch every summer. One of them is Deep Blue Sea, which we watched this week. The movie is a good mix of thrills, underwater action, and hungry, sneaky sharks. There are amusing exchanges between LL Cool J and a bird. Samuel L. Jackson delivers one heck of a speech. The movie is nowhere near as good as Jaws—the CGI effects are mediocre and the dialogue is laughably bad at times. But the movie has its share of funny lines. And it stares Thomas Jane, who looks pretty darn hot in a wet suit. 

 As shark movies go, Deep Blue Sea is nowhere near as good as Jaws, but it’s entertaining.

Le Tour de France. My hubby and I are huge pro cycling fans. We watch the three week-long Tour de France every July. This year is the 100th edition.

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The 21 stage route is rife with tough mountain stages in the Pyrenees and Alps, fast sprints, and time trials as the riders battle for the yellow jersey on the way to Paris. 

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There is always a crazy scary crash (or two) to see...

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And there are miles of spectacular landscape and gorgeous chateaux to drool over. 

Chateau du Pian.
Photo source: Pinterest.

An Outlaw in Wonderland. This week I finished reading An Outlaw in Wonderland, the second book in Lori Austin’s Once Upon a Time in the West series. I loved the first book, Beauty and the Bounty Hunter.  

Outlaw was just as amazing. This love story of betrayal and redemption is chock-full of fast-paced action, sharply written dialogue, deep emotion, and unforgettable moments. The characters are so well-developed, they leap off the page. The plot twists and turns make for an exciting read. Lori Austin (aka Lori Handeland) is my new must-read author. She sure knows how to bring the Wild West to life. I’m totally hooked on this series, and can’t wait for the next installment. 

Slurpee. Slurpee marked its unofficial birthday yesterday with free 12 oz slurpees at 7-Eleven. My hubby and I picked up our free treat after he got home from work. 

I think half of the town turned out. The line was sooooo loooooong. The bell on shop door ding-donged non stop. The wait was worth the hassle. My banana slurpee was de-lish! 

What are you loving this week?


  1. Looks like you had an amazing week!! I still want to try that book, but B&N didn't have the first in the series when I looked the other day.

    1. Nat - It was a good week. It would've been amazing if I was actually in France following le Tour from town to town. Maybe some day... *crosses fingers*

      Darn! I hope you find the book soon. It really is an amazing series, IMO.