Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Wrap-Up

It's the end of another month. Thank God. August was an awful time for me.


~ Barely wrote this month. I was feeling blue and unmotivated. On Thursday I finally opened my WIP and got busy. I only managed to write a couple hundred words that day, but I wrote more on Friday. I'm ready to find my writing groove again. I miss my characters.

~ Added some cute social media icons to my blog. Well, I think they're cute. Decide for yourself. ;)

~ Proposed a business venture to my CP. Nat is interested, so I'm doing a bit of research and writing up a business plan. I'll reveal more details later, when the time is right. *crosses heart*

~ Finished critiquing my friend's WIP.


Here's why August was so God-awful...

Mid-month I said goodbye to my beloved girl Doxie, Ripley. She had another setback after her back surgery. A second disc higher up on her spine ruptured and a third disc was severely weakened and calcifying. The vet confirmed our worst fear: there was no hope that Ripley would recover. The pain meds weren't enough. She couldn't walk or move. She was in total agony. Therefore, my husband and I decided it was best to have Ripley euthanized. She was three weeks away from turning seven.

I'm still grieving the loss of our girl. She and I were freakishly attached to each other, so it's been very difficult. I miss her like crazy. I think I always will. Ripley was more than a pet, she was my fur baby.


I took this photo weeks after her surgery, the day her month-long kennel rest had finally come to an end. She was thrilled to be outside in the sunshine. I love how her crazy cute ears always stuck out at a funky angle. So did the vet and his staff. They said they'd treated many Dachshunds at the hospital, but never one with such adorable ears and such a sweet personality. Yep, she was something special. 
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  1. I'm sorry this month was so tough for you. I know it's hard, but it'll get better over time. *hugs*

    (And yes, the icons are adorable).