Monday, October 28, 2013

Caught On The Cover (1)

RT Book Reviews blog occasionally spotlights favorite celebrities "caught on the cover," their likenesses spotted on some book releases. I love these posts! Check out who the bloggers over at RT found on the new October releases. 


Lacey Chabert went from our beloved Party of Five to our even more beloved Mean Girls, but now she's rocking leather pants and dealing with angels. What would Regina George say?

Is there nothing James Franco can't do? Movie star, soap actor, artist, author, student, our boyfriend, cover model!

We have long coveted Linda Cardellini's hair. And then when she got to make out with Jon Hamm on this season Mad Men, well.

Well, you already know everyone's YA boyfriend Mark, but he certainly didn't mention that he got to make out with Mrs. Ryan Reynolds!

Now that Christian Grey's up for grabs again, maybe Ian Somerhalder won't have to deal with dragons any longer.


We have loved Chord Overstreet ever since we heard his name was Chord Overstreet. 

Danielle Fishel (aka Topanga) is back on the small screen with Girl Meets World, but did you know she was also My Lady Quicksilver?!