Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I should be writing. But I'm not.

Hey now...

I've been busy. I got a new puppy, remember? Her name is Milla. She's a Mini Dachshund.

She's adorable and fluffy and fun.

Milla wakes me up during the night, sometimes two and three times. She howls and snorts like a pig at the crack of dawn when she wants her food. She also demands I stay on high alert during playtime, because she likes to run wild and bite all the wrong things. Like my other Doxie, Sawyer. Somehow Milla senses when I sit down at the computer, even though she's inside her kennel and can't see me. She makes a lot of noise, which is super distracing.

So you see, I've had a good reason for not being on top of my writing game.

Okay. I need to figure out a new writing schedule and stick with it.

Don't worry. I haven't been completely unproductive since getting my new puppy. I revised one chapter after I got it back from my CP. She loved it, thank God. But she pointed out something I need to watch for in my writing. I'll talk more about that later in my next writing update.
For now, rest assured I'm as determined as ever to finish my story.


Honestly, I feel more frazzled than freaked out. Not to mention exhausted from the nighttime breaks with puppy. Regardless, I mean to decide on a new writing schedule ASAP and complete my story very soon, even if I have to pull a few all-nighters to do so.

If I don't, my CP may just kick my arse. *hides*

How's your writing coming along. Do share!


  1. Lol you and me both, girl. Although you should be writing, it is understandable why you're not.

    1. Thanks for the support. It's driving me crazy that I'm not writing consistently. But I will. *crosses heart*