Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Wrap-Up

I'm sad that summer is over. I don't feel like I did enough summery things this month. And now it's time to put my flip flops and beach chair in storage.

Oh well. *shrugs* August wasn't a total waste.


1) Revisions. I edited more chapters of WHB. I'm halfway through my revisions. If I work hard in September, I'll meet my deadline. *fingers crossed*

2) Updated Images. I updated my Twitter and Facebook cover images. I also updated all of the photos on this blog's WIP pages with royalty free images.

3) Blog Posts. I wrote and scheduled some blog posts for September.

4) Research Books
. I discovered a few research books that I want to buy.

5) Pinterest. I add new inspiration boards to my Pinterest account. I adore Pinterest. I know some people view it as a huge time suck.

I agree that it can be a bad thing if you don't monitor your usage closely. For me, Pinterest is a just-before-bed activity that both relaxes and inspires me. 


1) Portland. My BFF and I took a day trip to Portland, Oregon on the second weekend of the month. We met up with my big sis and BIL for a fun-filled afternoon. We went to the Farmer's Market, to VooDoo doughnut, and to Powell's bookstore. We had dinner with my cousin, who'd just flown in from Texas for business meeting.

GRIMM set sighting!
Me at the Governor Hotel
Pocket Jamie got in on the fun, too. He looked verra braw in Portland. ;)

Feeling spicy in Portland with my BFF and Pocket Jamie.

2) Vet Visit
. I took my puppy Milla to the vet for her second round of vaccinations. She did very well. She only piddled a wee bit (right on my hubby) when she was confronted by a big dog in the waiting room.

Milla got on the scale at the vet, and we discovered that she weighs 8.6 pounds. My hubby and I weren't surprised. Milla is a big girl. She's twice the size of our other Mini Doxies at that age.

She's still learning how to walk on a leash without pulling. It's a slow process. Good thing my hubby has the patience of a saint.

3) Outlander
. I am (like half the women I know) addicted to Outlander. I've waited a loooong time for this book to become a mini series, and the wait has been worth it. Sam and Caitriona are perfect as Jamie and Claire.

God, this scene was SO HOT. I can't wait until they smooch and more!!!

4) Books. I haven't read enough books this month.

IKR! Sad, sad news. I've simply been too focused on my writing lately. I have 20 novellas loaded on my Kindle, and I intend to read all of them in September (along with a couple of novels).

How was your month? Did you do anything fun or noteworthy? Do share!


  1. NOOOOO! It ate my comment! I had a nice long comment, too. BOO HISS!

    Sighs. I shall try to recreate it.

    I love your blog post updates. I need to get back into blogging again, but it is such a time suck for me (and it feels like a chore).

    You are wonderful at Pinterest--and hey, whatever helps inspire you! Half the time I go on there and give up after a few minutes. I always just look at your pretty boards, lol. You do most of the work for me ;)

    I am so glad you and Sally were able to have a weekend together. You really needed that, and it looks like you guys had a blast! =)

    Aww, poor Milla! She must have been so scared. Powell still doesn't like going there and he's bigger than most of the dogs in the waiting room, LOL!

    OMG! THAT SCENE WAS SO FREAKING HOT! That look of his... *fans self* He is amazing. I'm pretty sure my ovaries screamed in delight. I can't wait for them to kiss!

    1. That's been happening to me lately too, if I'm not logged in. =(

      Aww, thanks. I enjoy writing them--most of the time. I miss your posts, but I understand why you haven't been blogging lately. It can be a big time suck, like you said. I usually write and schedule my posts on the weekends.

      LOL. Pinterest can be overwhelming and a big time suck also. I'm a visual person, so I'm drawn to all those pretty inspiring pictures.

      Yes and yes! Girlfriend weekends keep me sane.

      I don't know any dog who likes going to the vet. Hopefully Milla's next visit will go as well as her first one.

      IKR!! I melted at his look. Their first kiss is going to be SO hot!