Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Adjust. Revise. Rewrite. Step by step. Page by page.

Check. Check. Check. I'm getting my revisions on. But it's taking for-evah. Gah!

I'm in Revision Hell. *deep breaths*


Okay, so that's a slight exaggeration. Things aren't that bad. Really. I enjoy revisions. Seriously. Unfortunately, it's taking me a lot longer to whip this chapter into shape than I expected. First, I struggled with some dialogue. Then I realized I needed more details -- just a wee bit more movement to ground the characters in the scene. That took more days than I wanted. I wasn't trying to make the words perfect. Honest. I just needed to put them where they belonged. Once I did that, I moved on.


The biggest challenge has been the opening for my heroine's POV. It took me a whole lot of brain power and several drafts before I finally wrote an opening I could live with. That happened Monday. 

I had hoped to surprise my CP with two completed chapters when she returns from her beach vacation this weekend. Yeah, that's not going to happen. 

Revisions are hard. I need chocolate. STAT.

On the bright side, I'm satisfied with everything I've written so far. And I feel a sense of accomplishment because I pushed myself to keep revising when I felt like giving up. Yay me. ;)


  1. Awesome, girl! Good job! I'm proud of you =) Maybe you'll have two chapters done by the time my parents leave on Tuesday? I'll need distractions next week! xoxo

    I also need to get back to writing. Eventually... ;)

    1. Thanks, hun. Your support and encouragement means so much to me. xoxo. Um, no. I wish. Unfortunately, this chapter hasn't been an easy one to revise. The next chapter is bound to be difficult, too. Sigh. But then things should get easier. *crosses fingers*

      LOL. Yes. I want to read more of your story!! But this was a nice break for you. So enjoy!!

    2. Lol okay, well that's alright too ;) Once I'm back we can figure out how to knock these stories out!

      Yep, I'm hoping to start writing again on Wednesday. My parents leave early on Tuesday and Christopher has a dreaded dentist appointment later that day (he HATES the dentist, so he took the whole day off). I figured I would give myself that day then try and write on Wednesday. We'll see!

    3. Okie dokie. =) I'm writing every day, which has definitely helped keep my momentum going.

      Oh, poor Christopher. I hate the dentist, too. I'm sure once you're able to sit down and write, you'll knock out a few chapters.