Friday, October 17, 2014

My Friday Love

Things I loved this past week...

The Walking Dead
. After months and months of waiting, The Walking Dead finally premiered on Sunday night, and it was fantastic!!! There were so many nail-biting moments!

First the trough and then the explosion, followed by a badass rescue, Walkers galore, and the most amazing reunion ever. I screamed. I cheered. I cried.

And then the episode ended with a surprising sneak peek. Bye, bye Terminus. Hello God-only-knows what. Gah! I can't wait until next week's episode!!

The Talking Dead. Sunday nights wouldn't be the same without The Talking Dead, the live talk show in which awesome host Chris Hardwick discusses the newest Walking Dead episode. 
Could they have Conan O'Brien on every week, pleeease? He was hilarious.

The Lone Warrior
. I picked up my latest library hold last week. I couldn't wait to crack open The Lone Warrior, the third book in the Once Upon a Time in the West series by Lori Austin.

I've been wanting to read this book all year. I don't know what took me so long to pick it up. I thoroughly enjoyed the other books in the series. Just like them, The Lone Warrior is terrific. I can't put it down. It's such a strong story with the right mix of western grit, history, adventure, and romance.

Mulled Cider Candles. I love the scent of hot mulled cider. It smells just like the holidays.

I found the perfect mulled cider scented candles at my town's local hardware store. Yep, hardware store. They recently remodeled the store and added a lovely gift section. I can't remember the brand of candles, but they're my favorite. They make my house smell wonderful.

What are you loving this week? Do share!


  1. I'm glad you had a good week =) I also love apple cider--yum, yum, yum!

    1. Thanks, hun. <3 Just the smell of apple cider makes me want to stomp on a pile of crunchy leaves. ;)