Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I've been such a blog slacker lately. I completely missed doing my Month End Wrap Up post for September. 

Sorry. October snuck up on me. Can you believe it's already half over? Me either.

Anyway, opening my WIP became a big challenge for me the first week of October. And I was like...

The answer: My hubby was out of town, enjoying sunny California and visiting family without me--on our anniversary of all days! *sobs*

Obligations at home kept me from joining my hubby on his trip, and that made me feel awfully blue. I wanted to meet our niece and nephews. I wanted to be with my hubby on our special day. I wanted to cheer him on when he crossed the finish line at Levi's Gran Fondo bike event.

I intended to write day and night while my hubby was away, but the minute he hit the road my Muse rebelled. She's such a fickle one, that bitch. Instead of revising The Chapter From Hell II like I planned, I popped some corn, got cozy with the Doxies, and watched sugary sweet chick flicks on the Hallmark channel. 

Hey, don't judge me. The "oh woe is me" attitude didn't last long.

Soon I was back to work. I reorganized some scenes. I tweaked, deleted, and copy and pasted a heap of words until I felt hopelessly and utterly overwhelmed.

That's what happens when you cut dialogue and narrative from one scene and try to use it in another chapter. But I refused to give up. Finally I made progress. First, I figured out exactly how many scenes each remaining chapter needed. Second, I reworked the opening of The Chapter From Hell II. Surprisingly, all the dialogue and narrative I added (or plan to add) back in fits nicely in this chapter and a few others.

Although I liked my changes, the revisions were going waaaay too slooooowly. No need to panic.

My CP came to the rescue after I was all...

Lucky for me, Natalie is a good listener as well as an awesome CP/BFF. She was so...

Her pep talk was all the encouragement I need to keep going. I feel focused again and ready to meet my deadline.

Wish me luck.


  1. Hehehehe, I love the GIFs in this post =)

    You're welcome. I know you can do it--we both just need to focus and not beat ourselves up over bad days (or weeks...or months). <3