Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Summer Challenge

My writing besties and I have decided to do a summer writing and exercise challenge.

The challenge officially kicked off yesterday and will run through the end of August. I'm excited about this challenge. I know I can stay focused on my writing and exercise goals with the support of my friends. They're as eager as I am to be successful this summer, and that kind of enthusiasm is a big plus. We've made our goals small and manageable, so we don't get overwhelmed and become discouraged.  

For the month of June, we all have a goals we want to accomplish every day. Next month, we'll choose a goal we want to accomplish once a week. Then in August, we'll challenge ourselves to do something big for the month.

My goals for June are:

1) Open my WIP and write and/or edit for a minimum of 1 hour every day, including weekends
2) Do 100 sit ups a day (in addition to my daily exercise routine)

No fear here. I'm all ready and raring to go.

I want to do more than achieve my goals this summer. I want to achieve and exceed my own expectations.


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